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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 3, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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on this. this affects so many people heading into he holiday weekend. live coverage throughout the night and tomorrow on fox news channel. thank you joining us. in two seconds, cavuto. >> forget the fireworks tomorrow. onwall street, they're already here. the dow is at 17,000. traders cutting out early for the fourth of july holiday but not before sending the dow before 17,000 for the first time ever. pretty of the head winds but reaching this milestone seemed like a breeze. 152 trading days after the dow crossed 16,000. what has stocks and folks buying 0 them? more folks working. nearly 300,000.
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what is behind the spike in jobs? and jonas is here why you just might want to run for the hills. we begin with tracy. >> so everybody can breathe a big sigh of relief, we hit 17,000. it was a broad-based rally today. financials led the way. interest rates up. banks start to do better. the jobs number. that was part of the catalyst as well. 288,000 jobs created. also had text mart up 13%. let's talk about to your point, how we got from 16,000 to 17,000, which the seventh fastest climb in history thus far. look at who led us there. the fed. right extra keep pumping the money, the market will keep going higher but caterpillar, up 35%. disney, can anyone say frozen? up 24%.
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intel, merck, all up over 20%. really interesting. these are consumery stocks so you ask are people feeling better, shopping? they're working. 288,000 jobs created in retail, business services, accountants are working. manufacturing saw a four-month high in job hiring. participation rate the same,. 62.8%. it was good. if the economists were to poke a hole would be part-time jobs. not so great for the economy. average hourly earnings, barely budged, and the average work week, totally the same. here's a big number for the feds. 6.1%. the unemployment raid.
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that was janetellen's number to say, i'm going to start raising interest rates. >> you might have heard that tracy alluded to a household survey number that showed a disproportionate pickup in part-time numbers. that seems smaller than the number you see on your screen. either way it's disproportionate part of the job growth but two different ways to oak at them -- to look at them. and is wall street due to major stormá?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ? after this sunn? thousand days since we had major market correction. what that minds is stocks are trading 10% or more from their highs, which is like ing process that folks like a former new york stock exchange boss says, this weeds out the bubbles. and dick, worried, not?
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>> great to be here. happy early birthday to america. you need a cleansing. nothing goes straight up nor straights>&3
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we have to ratchet the gdp up to three and a half, four and a half, and see a real acceleration in this market place. markets never go straight in one direction. i've seen the dow as low as 564 in the spring of 1974, and we see it today, at an all-time high. the dow i narrow. look at the s&p-broader indies sees. america needs to grow at four percent. when we do the dow will be 22,000. >> the economy has not been growing at that rate but the market has been growing at an alarming rate, jonas. you say those two can't be in sync. >> just cooperate -- can't go on forever. the longer it goes without a correction, means people are too optimistic. whenever they get too optimistic, tens to not be a 10 or 20% correction but 30, 4 , 50%, as in the late 90s.
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it also happened to some extent disthe 1929 crash. so you want a 10 and 20% drop so we don't get -- >> you argue the longer you delay, the worst it could be. >> exactly right. >> we look around the globe, we're pronounced -- this is not unique to us. a global phenomenon with the marks tending to see better times ahead or steady as she goes recoveries. what do you think? >> i think that you have had a coordination, whether it's overt or covert, amongst central banks to try and provide juice to a very weak global economy. >> doesn't that -- as a free marketeer yourself, doesn't that worry the laissez-faire institutions love government help? >> it worries me in the context of the united states. traditionally that's not the way we've grown this economy.
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>> that's the way we've grown this market. >> we've grown this market since the break in the fourth quarter of '08, by an accommodating fed, and thank god they were there to do that, because when the fed tightened mop tear policies, after the crash, in 1929, we went into a ten-year depression -- >> you don't think this is creating a new bubble? >> no. i think we'll have a slow rise from the levels of two to two and a half. the fed will back out. you're going to have corrections. and jonas is right. the longer it takes to get one, 12%, 14%, may be do-able, but in the long-term -- remember, neil, when the dow firstp ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ? , the nikkei dow was 1,000tñ?ñ?ñ?0 years following that, the dow went from one to three and back under two,' and nikkei went to 38,000.
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>> can be all over the map. one of the things i wife about, jonas to dick's point here, is that we all know the federal reserve is going to ease up eventually. we all know they have to. but the devil is in the details. once it does, in a clear and dramatic fashion, not just a little bit, then the medicine is going to go down rougher. that's just me. what do you think? >> that would happen if it went down rough. the flip side is staying in the mode of low rates and we have another recession and then what do they do to go back -- they're already low. they talked about the four percent growth rate. investors think there's some mix to get back to that magic level and these governments, this -- we can't just keep trying to
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s and steakses, food eaten at home, 2.7%. these are numbers that will start cutting into consumer spending -- >> but they've been around a while so the contrary argument is that we have either adjusted
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or gone to cheaper meats or cheaper food stuff when this happens. so if -- would have ended by now. you say not necessarily. >> over the past four months inflation has been picking up, and janet yellen's predecessor, ben bernanke, said when inflation got to 2% they would start to consider raising interest rates. we're at that point now. the unemployment rate is 6.1%. bernanke said when it was 6.5's they war -- >> that's what worries me. because you're -- >> shouldn't worry you. shouldn't worry you, gradual -- >> no, no. no, here's why i do. i think the fed risks falling behind the curve and this inflation, albeit limited to some food groups, is going to be a worry, and i fear the bond market and these low interest rates are themselves the next percolating bubble. am i right?
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>> well, you are as always right, neil, and i think what is important to note is that when the fed tightened up in the early 1990s, we saw a big spurt of growth because you can never depreciate your currency down to growth. this gives the fed an excuse to start gradually tightening up and, okay, the market might adjust but we'll get more economic growth afterwards. >> when does that happen? >> well, in. the 1990s it happened after a year, and we have a big runup in growth in the 1990s, and the fed was raising interest rates. >> all right. we'll see. a year maybe. a year. diana, thank you very much. >> great to be if you you. >> rather than lashing out at the government wants to bring more illegal immigrants in. why sheriff joe arpaio says this was the president's plan all along. after this. >> every individual, before they
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are put on a plane and sent over here, they're medically cleared. there are doctors -- >> you have handle, a real handle -- look, this is costing us out of off pocketers -- please use the word illegal aliens. they came across illegally. [applause]
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this is about legal as opposed to illegal. period. >> if i break the law, you're going to come down on me real quick. and yet you are not following the law. you are breaking the law. >> please, use the word, illegal aliens. they came across illegally. [applause] >> a lot of those hot and bothered over the illegal immigrant buss who keep coming, angry murrieta residents want to know why and why no one is in washington is explaining.
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sheriff joe arpaio says this is exactly what the administration has been planning. good to see you. all by design, you think. >> listen. two weeks ago i was on your show. one of the first to pick up on all the illegals, young people coming interest our country, dumped on the greyhound bus station. you remember what i said at that time. i said that the president will use this situation to bash congress and go out with executive orders. two days ago he did. so i think it's calculated. he knew this would happen and is using this for political reason. >> to what end? you only raise tempers and make americans think this is out of control. >> well, you know what? i hate to say this, but let me just tell you one thing. i was director in mexico city in latin america, with the u.s. drug enforce.
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we withoperational and working next to the military and federales. heat maybe it's time to send the military across the border and work with the authorities there like we used to do. that my opinion. i know it's a little controversial but it makes sense. >> well, given all the other failing strategies it does make sense. here's the question i have for you, sheriff. see the buses coming here. i never see them going back there. >> you mean the buses -- >> the buses that come here with all the illegal and they're told they have to turn around but they don't. they don't. >> because i guess the government has a great travel agency. i think they're enhancing these people to come across our border, but opposite they come cross, ought to send them back where they came from, very simple.
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>> you discovered no matter how many times you send them back, the same folks are in your jail cells. >> we did a survey of 3,000 people in the jails, in the jails i run, for all different crimes, but they happen to be here illegally. we turn them over to the government, and guess what? they keep coming back. over and over again. so, either they're letting them go in the streets, or they're deporting them, and they keep coming back. i just wrote, again, to the secretary of homeland security, asking for an explanation, which i probably will never get. but that's sad, what is going on, on this immigration problem. >> what happens? i know we touched on this before in phoenix when illegals were dumbed at the bus station. do they just sort of scatter and no one is keeping track of them? >> well, their program is to send them across the country, check in with i.c.e. are you kidding? >> they're not going to check in with anybody.
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>> come on. it's a form of amnesty. it's a form of -- we have to start getting tough, neil. you know what? maybe ought to take away foreign aid like we threatened under nixon, until they straighten this problem out on that side of the border. >> the president -- this plan this, $2 billion plan, he says to address their urgent matter, you say he created, but nothing in the $2 billion plan includes border enforcement. what do you think of that? >> they're going to hire more people, allegedly more judges, on and on and on, and take care of the kids, but that's not going to work. what's 2 billion? that a joke. >> it does put republicans on defense. sheriff joe arpaio, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> president obama will in fact be visiting texas next week, but not for the border. try bus. to ed henry on the fundraising he is about to do.
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>> president will be doing fundraising in texas to in the middle of next week and meeting with middle class families, which he has been trying to do but i pressed the white house press secretary on why if the president wants to get outside the white house bubble, why doesn't he go to the border and see for himself what he called a humanitarian crisis. listen. >> going to pass up an opportunity to get an up-close look himself, get out of the bubble and look at what he called the humanitarian crisis. how too you defend that. >> by screening to you there are a whole range of senior official inside the administering over the course of the last three or four weeks -- >> you'll seen the fema director, and the president glows and meet with the families, holds their hands. why can't he do this. >> the president has a very good sense of what is happening on the border. getting regular update from officials who travel to the region. >> he went on to say the republicans who have been attacking the president for not going to the border are playing
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politics and added if these republicans really wanted to help the situation, they would work with the president to pass comprehensive immigration reform instead of attacking him. >> thank you, ed, at the white house. well, he blew the whistle on his bosses and now colonel ollie north wants to know why the bosses are still here. why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if youart enox. block
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there have been thousands of destroyed -- >> why, to what end? why would they do that? >> i think what happened is there was pressure by people in washington for us to hit our numbers. >> the whistleblower came here and had thousands of you e-mailing. that's what he uncovered in one va facility.
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to oliver north asking about all the other facilities. colonel, what did you make of what he uncovered here? >> i'm not surprised. when i asked to be enrolled by the va, obviously at that center, i never got the enrollment card. so i got a 40% disability when i got out of the marines, diagnosed with cancer directly related to my service in the marines, agent orange, and never heard back from them, six months. if i didn't have the fox medical plan i might not be here. also disturbing mr. davis says the management center has been, quote, consumed for more than a year with meeting aca goals, understand, obamacare, for bonus payments.3rñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ? that's stunning. >> prioritize which is plant isesuñ?ñ?ñ?ñ? get reviewed. >> absolutely. >> we asked the va to put out a statement. they provided a statement. your reaction to this. the health eligibility centers' goal is to provide the access to care veterans have earned and
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deserve. we take seriously any allegations regarding our presses in depending eligible for veterans. we can confirm we are working with the office of the inspector general. not denying looking into it. >> a they've been looking into this for years. the commentary about, they don't work for the veterans, they don't work for the customer, they work for the white house and the congress, is something else mr. davis said. he said veterans are not our priority. tomko -- tom coburn said the same thing. the pays owl 845 million in malpractice suits and 200 million in wrongful deaths. the doctors in the private sector work with twice as many patients a year as the veterans administration hospital. it's not going to get better unless this administration gives mr. mcdonald the power to hire and fire he needs to have. has to get rid of deadwood.
1:27 pm
i recommend he replace the deadwood with veterans. veterans take care of their own. you replace every one of those bad apples that ought to leave with a va and that thing will get better -- >> i don't know. his predecessor was a veteran. >> i'm not talking about the top of the pyramid. i'm talking at the bottom where it begins. >> here's what moyers me the more that comes to light on this crisis. the reward system in place for va staff members, higher-ups, et cetera. if they met the numbers, or they beat the numbers 0, they were saving on costs, presumably incentivized to skip on vets, would get bonuses. what is most troublesome a lot of these applications were thrown out, even if not be design, just to get them out of the way so there are no costs that could affect those bonuses do you think we should have bonuses at all or the metric into chapping so you're given a
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bonus based on customer, in this case veteran, service. >> my final recommendation, is in hires ought to be vets. the va needs the power to fire and hire, and the congress of the united states needs to do its job. the oversight has to be there. not simply throwing money at the problem but dealing with those issues right there that allow somebody to go to work in an organization where they really do care about veterans. >> there's a concept. colonel, i want to get your thoughts on this marine tahmooressi, still stuck in a mexico jail cell, going to have hearing next week. his mom still has no idea what is going on. no one from the white house, state department, has talked to her. or to him from what understand. maybe lower ranking folks have. it's disturbing. what is going on? >> i found another law that the obama administration won't enforce. title 22 of the u.s. code, paragraph 17:00 calls for the protection of u.s. citizens abroad. it was first passed in 1768, the
1:29 pm
current version in 1989. it required the president, when he becomes aware an american citizen has been unjustly deprived of his liberty, he must -- doesn't say could or might -- he shall as part of his duty demand the government release, and if they don't do so he has to report to the congress. >> what if he did and they ignored him? >> well, apparently he hasn't. apparently there has been no request formally by the president of the united states to the president of mexico. i called the house foreign affairs committee today. obviously a lot of people gone for holidays, but nobody can find any record at this point, on this day, the day before independence day, of any action taken by this president consistent with this law. this is a law on the books. he is not doing it. once again, barack obama has dropped the ball. it's time for him to get off his duff and get out and do something. so freedom alliance, the
1:30 pm
organization i founded back in 1990, members of our armed forces will make it known to the president. mr. obama get off your duff, put down your golf clubs canner do your job and bring this marine home, and by the way, report to congress. thank you, neil. >> colonel north, i'll leave it at that. if you're flying, plan on a little more searching. security is extra tight. nineteen years ago, we thought,
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1:34 pm
one? to former fbi certified bomb technician on what we might be looking for. some has them preoccupied. what is it? >> a lot of things have changed since 9/11/2001 but over the past 12-12 years a lot of different exposure mick tours and compounds stashing to be seen or -- starting to be seen by or used by the particularly international terrorist elements which had not been seen or noticed before, and this is causing a different type of alarm. it's causing the different type of tactics that are being used by those terrorists, which make us change for security to try to counteract that. >> all i know is that every time we build a better mousetrap, the bad guys become smarter rats. whether it's the shoe bomber,
1:35 pm
then looking at shoes. or underwear bomber and machines that can see uss in our birthday suits. something has heightened to the level it has to put warnings out to foreign airports to be extra vigilant but about what? how would they know what they're trying to detect. any battery or electrical device on your person, take it out, they want to see it. what are they up to? >> well, it's all up to the ingenuity and resources of the bomb builder, and now you're getting the top elements such as al qaeda and isis, who by all intelligence purposes are joining forces, and if you have that state sponsor, it's impent
1:36 pm
wednesday the inning nudity it takes to build the devices. only a couple of different elements are needed but to change those over or to take them and put them into some other object or item that makes them not as noticeable, is -- it's in their fiber conduct their own research and try to stay ahead of the game. >> they're really obsessed with planes. >> it's in the fiber. >> why? >> it's in the fiber. and i wouldn't just take to the air. i think it's in their fiber to destroy democracy, and we have to be diligent everywhere, up to and including along our border. >> as you said, we can be at a million successes, stopping them, all they need is one. all they need is one.
1:37 pm
danny -- >> they dedicated their lives to ensure the downfall of democracy. >> that one incident witness goal it started. thank you very much. >> yes, sir. >> it is the fourth of july weekend and i bet you're otherwise pumped. hope you're feeling that way which is why he's investing ain his heart health by eatingw. kellogg's raisin bran ® good morning dad. hi, sweetie. here's another eye opener, not only is kellogg's raisin bran ® heart healthy, but its a delicious source of potassium. mom make you eat that? i happen to like raisins. now that's what i'm talkin' about. invest in your heart health. with kellogg's raisin bran ®. (vo)cars for crash survival,ning subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet.
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hitting the road this weekend? prepare to get hit at the pump. prices this time of year have not been this high in six years. to lawyer laura ingall on a real pain for drivers. >> as you said, drivers hitting the road this holiday weekend will see it at the pumps. people filling up all day long and they are certainly paying for it. but it certainly isn't stopping a lot of folks from filling up and getting out of town. aaa predicting nearly 35 million americans will travel 50 miles or more by car over the next
1:41 pm
three days, paying about 15 to 20 cents more per gallon than expected. expects say that's primarily because of the violence in iraq which increased global petroleum costs. people in the city say it's something you can't avoid. >> asr]i 1-deát as supply and demand. you have to drive to get from point a to point b, and you can't do anything about it. >> the national average price of gas is 3.68 per gallon. last year it was 3.48. the year before, people were7/zñ shelling out 3.34. aa is predicting things won't get better soon, saying prices could keep going up if there are in developments in iraq or a major hurricane, with a hot summer, drivers are going to hold off on hitting the open highway. >> have to budget, everything is so expense, gas prices going up, so it's a strain on everybody. >> at what price too you see at
1:42 pm
the gas station you go, okay, can afford to travel? >> needs to be in like 3.30, 3.40 range, but i haven't seen that in a while. >> and check it out. it that's what wear looking at here in manhattan, 4.05 a gallon. so victor is not hitting the road. if there's any good news rental car prices have stayed the same from last year, but you have to fill out the car. >> there is that little detail. thank you very much. i want you to take a look at something and see if you notice something. >> this is nasa satellite imagery taken from over iraq where its biggest refinery has been attacked. >> chaos over there means higher prices here. we can take control with renewable fuels like ethanol, more jobs, more security, less pollution, and less pain at the pump because it's time to stop letting chaos decide our energy
1:43 pm
tell congress and at the epa to stand up to big oil. don't gut the renewable fuel standard. >> david says, how about all energy, then? not just being -- favoring one sort of energy product. all of them. what did you make of this ad and the approach it took to say, it is the volatility over there that should make us rethink fossil energy altogether? >> well, that certainly has an impact on crude prices. we're more subject to the west texas intermediate oil price, and what we saw in the recent bump-up in prices was the brent number rose far more aggressively in west texas. here in the united states on the basis of what happened in iraq. that's more of an important issue for the europeans, asias, et cetera, and i think we are somewhat insulated given the fact we increased our production here in the united states. fairly significantly, over the last five years. >> but the premise seems to be
1:44 pm
it isn't just getting more traditional oil or fossil fuels here. it should be new energy, wind, solar, what have you. and we don't do enough of that. what do you think of that? >> if doing more offer all of those is a good idea. those are going to have marginal impact on our energy needs. those renewables are not scalable, no are they efficient enough to replace fossil fuels. so what has changed over the last five years, a much more significant impact to our energy independence from what we have produced, say in texas, 60% of the recent increase in the u.s. production has come from one state. these are game-changers in my opinion. we're not quite as at the 1970 levels of 9.6 million barrels per day production, but we're getting close it to, and that is a more strategic investment, if you will, if you want to
1:45 pm
insulate yourself from middle east chaos. >> i hear what you're saying about being all in on this stuff and being really realistic abour energy sources. i get mix reads from those who favor wind and solar and say they're not doing it at the expense of more traditional energy, fossil fuels and the like, when in fact they do. i had a ceo here from coal industry and he says history is being targeted and another natural guy said history is being sitelined. shouldn't we about all in on everything? anything that makes us energy independent. >> if you look at coal, natural gas, even nuclear, you look at advantages and consider green alternative but you have to approach an energy strategy with multiple error -- arrows in the
1:46 pm
quiver. but we can't ignore natural gas and oil. >> good to see you. >> how did this waitress lose her job over a lousy tip? she made the mistake of telling the world about it. you do a lot of things great.
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1:50 pm
comment in the restaurant on behalf of the restaurant to give them any kind of bad publicity, and i think it's a freedom of speech issue. it's her opinion about this customer. >> but it is the worldwide wine. it's a big deal. >> i agree. i do agree. i don't think she should be fired. >> kent? >> neil, know you're a big fan of common sense. it's common sense that when you own a restaurant you don't want your servers calling people a-holes as this woman reportedly did, whether it's in the restaurant or online. it's bad for business. on the free speech thing, people every day give up certain rights in exchange for working somewhere. that's exactly what happened. this restaurant -- >> what if she didn't know? >> you -- what if shethat. she doesn't know. she's a waitress. >> the restaurant says that she knew. they have a policy, it's called
1:51 pm
the respect for others pol sieve. and it specifically prohibits using derogatory terms against customers. after getting that policy, the restaurant says she called a customer an a-hole. >> but does it say you can't do that on your personal facebook place. i can understand the place of employment. but on your personal facebook page? >> wouldn't it be worse? we're trying to get a statement from the texas roadhouse. they said, this is not a facebook issue, this is a respect issue. we will not tolerate the use of abusive remarks toward anyone. it does not matter if they're online, offline, or in the parking lot. referring to a guest as -- is not okay, at any time or in any venue and will not be tolerated. what made it offensive is the waitress did use a lot of exclamation points and number signs. that's what the restaurant is saying. we have this thing called good conduct. >> i don't think the policy
1:52 pm
makes sense to me. like i said, i understand if she put it on the restaurant's website or said it to the customer in the restaurant. what she does on her personal facebook page has nothing to do with this company. >> it would be not too long ago, worrying about harassing kids on the internet and found that offensive. >> but i don't think giving her opinion and calling this guy the a-word -- >> so you draw a line of what you find offensive behavior online. >> that's her opinion. he's not a child. >> harassment of kids online to other kids -- kept, what do you think happens to this woman? >> this woman's out of a job. she's not getting it bad. she needs to be careful more next time. what you say online can hurt you getting a job and when you have a job. when you sign up and you're going to work somewhere, you need to know what the policies are. and you need to stand by them and not violate them. that's what you do in exchange
1:53 pm
for getting paid in a josh. i completely disagree with you, keisha. this is a case where a woman knowingly called somebody an a-hole when she wasn't allowed to do that. it's clear-cut. if you own a restaurant, are you okay with your waitresses doing that? that's very bad for business. >> i have a feeling that she did not know it was prohibited. why would she do it if the employer said, you're not allowed -- >> have you ever been a waitress? >> no, i haven't. >> kent, have you ever been one? i've been a waiter. and i've said worse after people have left a restaurant. but if they had the internet back when i was doing it, i might not be here today. folks, thank you both, very much. happy fourth to you. tip your waiters and waitresses, everyone. arthur is going to rain on a whole lot of your parades. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis is a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps end our night
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we don't want to end on a damper, but arthur is certainly putting a damper on this fourth of july weekend. in north carolina, the surf is picking up. to janice dean, on whaen it's going to let up. >> we just got the latest advisory as of 5:00 p.m. they have not upped the winds, but taking a look at the satellite presentation, i would say that it's a pretty good looking category 2. they still have it at the national hurricane center 90-mile-per-hour sustained winds. it's getting very close to land here. maybe 50 miles south of wilmington, the eye we're talking about. that's a very well-defined storm. tornado watch in effect for the next several hours, as we could see the potential for weak short-lived tornadoes. and then, of course, we're going to start to see the outer bands, we're already seeing the outer bands scrape across portions of north carolina, south carolina. still category 1. we expect it to strengthen as it
1:58 pm
hugs the coastline of north carolina. and hopefully being kicked out to sea for friday and saturday. still monitoring coastal massachusetts here, as -- if you go a little more westward u some of the models are trending toward the west. we could get a scrape by here of this hurricane on saturday. quick look at your forecast wind gusts. this is one of our computer models heading into thursday, coming very, very close to land, 9:00 p.m. we're talking about wind gusts in excess 90 miles per hour here on the northeast quadrant of this storm. there's moorhead city, landfall around midnight, and potentially a second landfall around the outer banks as we head into 4:00 a.m. friday. but a very strong, intensifying storm. this storm has a lot of warm water to play with, as it hugs the coastline. we could see a storm surge from three to six feet where we have hurricane warnings. and then battering waves and wind. we're going to see the potential
1:59 pm
for thunderstorms. and heavy rainfall all along the coastline. there's a quick look at your forecast rainfall in the next 24 to 48 hours. along wilmington, up to hatteras. potentially making a couple of landfalls, and up the coastline watching coastal massachusetts. and then it will kick off to no nova scotia. still a category 1. we will probably see a landfalling hurricane after midnight tonight across the outer banks of north carolina. back to you. >> like you were telling me yesterday, janice, we just started hurricane season. is there any sort of connection between serious storms that start early and the rest of the season? >> you know, it doesn't. but i will tell you, that this is very, very early for a hurricane. typically we see it mid to late august. typically we see the first named storm around mid-july. so to see a hurricane this strong this time of year is
2:00 pm
pretty rare. >> all right. thank you, janice. i think you're going to have a busy weekend. janice dean, our proverbial weather machine. does the market sync with how you're feeling today? we're on it, 8:00 p.m. tonight. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 here in new york city, and this is "the five." >> thousands of illegals are swamping our southern border, at times 200, 300 rush the border. thousands more are being bused in. the situation is beginning to deteriorate. house homeland security security michael mccall said it's really, really bad down there. listen. >> the point is, our military bases are turning into refugee camps. i never thought i would see this in the united states of america. the department of homeland security is currently not adequately prepared to deal with